An Inspiration of the Arab Revolutions….

Standing with the Tunisian and Egyptian People….


To the Tyrants of the World


Hey you, oppressive tyrants…
You, the lovers of darkness…
You, the enemies of life…
You have ridiculed innocent people’s wounds
Your palm is soaked with their blood
You kept walking
Deforming the magic of existence
Planting seeds of sadness in their land

Wait! Don’t let the spring, the clearness of the sky or the light of dawn fool you…
Because the darkness, the thunder’s rumble and the blowing of the wind are coming toward you…
from the horizon
Beware because there is a fire underneath the ash…
and he who grows thorns reaps wounds

Look there, for you have harvested the heads of mankind and the flowers of hope, and have watered the heart of the earth with blood
Soaked it with tears until it was drunk
The river of blood will sweep you away
The fiery storm will devour you


Abul Qasim Al-Shabbi, Tunisian Poet

~ by Tamara Al-Om on February 2, 2011.

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