In Search of an Alternative…

Iraq is in chaos, with no end to the war in sight. Palestine, or rather what are now called the Palestinian territories, have been divided into Fatah and Hamas controlled areas. Lebanon, a year after last summer’s war, is politically, economically and socially weakened. Syria, accused of supporting terrorists and purchasing Russian made anti-aircraft missiles, is under the threat of a possible attack from Israel and/or America. Meanwhile Saudi Arabia and a number of other Gulf states have signed an arms deal with the US worth twenty billion dollars. A look at the state of affairs across the Middle East necessitates the asking of certain questions, namely how we, as Arab nations, have ended up in this situation and how on earth we are meant to get out of it.

“Write down, I am an Arab!” wrote Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish in 1963…

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~ by Tamara Al-Om on September 4, 2007.

6 Responses to “In Search of an Alternative…”

  1. Well this is now November and Iraq may see light at the end of the tunnel. I think we can agree the narco state of Afghanistan and the Military Dictatorship in Pakistan are where the current troubles lie. Hamas and Hezbollah are quiet and Olmert is courting Fatah so that area is at least not boiling. All bets are of if we hit Iran and Iran turns loose all of its terrorist elements. Anyway I stopped by to say that I hope I answered your question at the Martial Law in Pakistan post.

  2. Do you really see light at the end of the tunnel for Iraq? Could you show me, because all I see is chaos and murder. As for the situation in Palestine and Israel, I think you are truly misleaded. Olmert may appear to be ‘courting’ Fatah, but there is no real legitimate Palestinian State that could be created with what he is offering. And Fatah agreeing to the offer would lead to even greater tragic consequences. As for Iran, I think if a war is begun with them, we are looking at WW3, where we will all suffer innumerable loss. We want to avoid that in any way we can. But if Iran is attacked, they would be completely justified in protecting their land and people, as any nation would be.

  3. “Do you really see light at the end of the tunnel for Iraq? Could you show me, because all I see is chaos and murder.”

    I can, I hope that doesn’t disappoint you.

    Here are the numbers:

    The explanation:

    Reports from the ground:

    And don’t take it from us:

    The Sunni insurgency is collapsing, and the shia insurgency is thus loosing its reason d’etre.

  4. I think it is sick of you to even pressume that it would disappoint me to see improvement. I am realistic and am not likely to beleive everything I see in the media. Dig a little deeper to find your information. Ive answered you in more depth on mideast youth.

  5. Beside the fact that most of the Arab governments don’t meet the minimum criteria of being democratic, but at least they can start listening to their people and do some of what they want, benefiting the nation, country, beliefs, etc, and not what benefits their own pockets.
    Well, countries like Saudi has changed her path a bit by not purely obeying what West wants, but there is still a long run ahead.

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