Hindu Fundamentalism: Does it Exist?

It is very difficult to ignore the role religion plays in public affairs in the modern world. Most of the political violence that has and is occurring seems to have some degree of religious undertone, either implicitly or explicitly. It would appear that we live in a world that is plagued by religious violence. Throughout history and in every tradition, wars have been fought on the grounds of religion, for the protection of its codes and ideals.

“It is striking to note that in virtually all of the nearly 500 major wars fought around the world since 1700 ‘each side has imagined itself to be exclusively on the side of God’.”

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~ by Tamara Al-Om on September 4, 2007.

One Response to “Hindu Fundamentalism: Does it Exist?”

  1. Hindu Fundamentalism–it is only an abberation or an exception or an odd mission of few HIndu’s who could never understand great religion called Hinduism-Hindus or Hinduisms is not even remotely connected with non-tolerance and hatred.In fact tolerance and acceptance is what is called HINDUISM throughout its long history of thousands of years

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